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COVID-19 Pandemic - Road to reopening / Recovery of Activities

Learn how Diego Olmos, Managing Director of a large multinational organisation in the Oil & Gas sector, has managed and experienced first-hand the aftermath of SARS, H1N1 flu, the Fukushima earthquake and nuclear crisis that followed, Ebola now Covid19 in 2020.

During the presentation, we aim to share some of the experiences and learnings from these previous events as well as frameworks to prepare for the resumption and recovery of operations.

Pillars for a successful road map 

What lessons from the past we can bank on
Sharing some experiences of what we have learned in the last 90 days


Sales Incentive Plans: A New Approach - Post Covid19

Are you struggling to manage a sales team working from home ? Not sure how things are progressing ? Searching for some predictability ?

Join this weeks webinar as Dr Marc Roos discusses how we might adopt a new approach to managing and rewarding the sales process.

Key points we will cover:
How to create more levers to monitor and steer the sales process
How to progress sales data analytics from lagging to leading indicators
The advantages and disadvantages of rewarding sales teams for both leading and lagging indicators


Visible teamwork in Remote Teams: Asynchronous communication that fuels motivation

In Part 1 of our 'Remote working' mini-series, we welcome Pilar Orti as our guest speaker.

Remote work can provide us with the flexibility to plan our day in a way that suits us best as individuals – asynchronous communication allows us to continue to work as a team, without relying on continously meeting online.

In this talk, we will explore the three principles of Visible Teamwork, how we can adapt them to best suit our team and how to use them to fuel intrinsic motivation in our team.


The Virtual Organisation

Delighted to welcome Laurel Farrer as our guest speaker for Part 2 of our mini series on 'Remote working'.

There is a difference between being at home during work hours, and working from home in a way that maintains (or enhances) business operations. Activate optimization of your virtual organization with 6 pillars of remote work success.

Topics we'll cover:
• What are the top 3 remote work killers

• The 7 tools that every remote company needs to have
• Long-distance leadership strategies
• How in-person virtual communication differs from in-person communication


The UKCS Oil & Gas Supply Chain - Road to recovery or regression ?

Delighted to welcome John Black as my guest for this weeks webinar. John is an experienced Supply Chain Leader and will be discussing some of the topical issues and current challenges facing the UKCS O+G Supply Chain.


As we begin to emerge from lockdown,and the government's financial support schemes begin to come to an end, what impact has the recent covid pandemic and oil price crash had on the Oil & Gas supply chain, and how will our behaviours shape the future of our supply chain?

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