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Our Process increases your chances of getting people decisions right. There are many implications including Cost, Time Wasted and Cultural impact when it goes wrong. Let us show you how we can significantly reduce the risk.

Scientific Analysis

In-depth, objective assessment techniques, offering role specific technical, cultural and behavioural assessment. We only ever provide a shortlist of the best and most suitable candidates in your market.

Job Survey

Designed to gain agreement on the key requirements and needs of the role. Where required, behavioural assessments are completed by clients for role definition and by candidates for suitability match. 

Key Competency Analysis

We examine Key Competencies to ensure Technical Fit and provide written Q+A reports.

Detailed reporting on specific behavioural factors such as leadership requirements, motivating and team building, decision making and problem solving, leading change and where appropriate their client facing style are also provided

Psychometric Analysis

We use science to assess Cultural and Behavioural Fit that provides role specific reports, Gap analysis and role specific Interview questions.

Our Industry leading Psychometric Analysis is the complete profiling system, scientifically supporting your most important people decisions.

Candidate References

Don’t just judge on past performance alone, test the best indicators for future success

Full References are provided and checked from past employers, colleagues and customers.



Our 6-step TAP process is the only system that solves the hiring problems for our Energy Industry clients that need the very best talent in the global marketplace. The Top 15% of talent in the market solve the majority of problems and issues - they drive projects and businesses. 

This is why Our Process is laser targeted on these sought after individuals.

STEP 1 – Strategy Session

Precision appointment analysis: we discuss and evaluate your needs. Identify precisely what the Top 15% looks like in your business and what success entails.

Analyse the challenges unique to the organisation and the role, determining the skills, knowledge, and abilities required. Develop a proven Position Specification that markets the job to A-Players.

STEP 2 - Research

Create an ideal candidate profile to narrow in on our client’s niche talent pool. Digitally map out the Top 15% target market using our system that has mapped out 90.7% of the Energy industry sector.

STEP 3 – Approach and Evaluate

6 Touch System: Within 24 hours, our automated platform will be activated. Over the course of the following 2 weeks, we will have reached out to our target audience multiple times utilising various mediums. Because of our ongoing engagement efforts, we achieve a response rate of over 70% making it easier to narrow in on interested targeted individuals.

STEP 4 – Qualification and Shortlist

Candidate Shortlist Presentation: Present only the most qualified candidates based on analysis and appraisal against the specifications.

Each candidate profile will include Technical and Behavioural analysis to make your people decisions more objective and increase your ability to define, assess and onboard the best candidate.

STEP 5 – Candidate Interviews

Interview Preparation: Discuss the shortlist of candidates with our client’s stakeholders, our overall findings and set up a series of interviews in line with the clients interviewing procedure.


We will manage the scheduling for all interviews and will work closely with the candidates and client through the preparation and debriefing process

STEP 6 – Offer and Onboarding

Coaching through offer acceptance, resignation and onboarding: We navigate you thorough the offer process, covering counter offers and start dates and where applicable relocation.

Periodically follow up with the organisation and the candidate once the search is closed, checking in on ongoing fit and progress of the transition.

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