Why use us

      Aimed at positioning ourselves between the traditional Executive search and Recruitment agency models and providing solutions the market asked for.

      Prior to launching Real Talent Matters and responding to client feedback and demand we spent several months canvassing various sectors to gain an insight into the market frustrations associated with the provision and quality of recruitment services. A gap was identified for a different approach to mid/senior tier management, professional and technical talent acquisition and assessment.

      Results highlighted that preferred supplier list (PSL) / contingency recruitment encourages speed of response rather than quality of response. Whilst contingency recruitment may be appropriate for lower level positions, market feedback highlighted that hiring companies are generally only provided candidates who are actively seeking a career change; and candidate assessment/due diligence is often overlooked.

      Middle to senior tier management, professional and technical positions are often critical to companies and access to candidates only seeking a career change limits a hiring company’s ability to attract the real talent that may add value and make a difference.

      Executive search provides access to off-market talent, however the full blown executive search process is time intensive and possibly difficult to justify at mid/senior tier management and professional/technical levels. We worked on creating a unique offering that combines rigour, quality and access to off market talent delivered via the front end of an executive search process with the pace and responsiveness required to fill roles of this level through our bespoke Talent Portal technology.

      Our difference:

        • Access to all the talent in your market – not just the 17% that are actively looking .
        • Candidate shortlists in 1-4 weeks – reduced time to hire.
        • Success Orientated fees – de risk and reduce the traditional fee structures associated with search.
        • Access to our unique ‘Talent Portal’ – bring scientific and objective decisions into your hiring process.
        • Proven 7 step recruitment process – improved in-depth analytical insight on every aspect of the recruitment process.
        • Sector specific specialists – management and consultants who understand your business.
        • Personal service delivered by one of our management team – effective and consistent delivery of your brand.
        • Global reach and capability – access to the real talent in your market, on a worldwide basis.

        Our Approach provides:

          • Bringing an enhanced Search and Selection technique to the professional, technical and engineering markets.
          • Total talent market reach, not just the small percentage that are actively looking.
          • In-depth behavioural and competency assessments that are specific to the role and your business.
          • Hiring decisions enhanced by combining traditional techniques with scientific and objective people analysis.
          • Increased candidate suitability providing an interview to placement ratio of 3:1.
          • Bespoke recruitment solutions tailored specifically to your business needs.
          • Cost effective research and assessment business model with extended guarantees.
          • 96% retention rates for new employees after 1 year.

          What is the true cost of a bad hire?

          Have you ever calculated the true cost of a bad hire i.e. someone who leaves your business during their first year of employment? In most cases, the true cost is roughly 3.5 x their annual salary which, clearly has a negative impact on business. Our unique Bad Hire Calculator uses the latest data* and super clever algorithms to work out what the true cost is to you!

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