Combining ‘Executive search’ research methodology with cutting-edge talent technology, Real Talent Matters de-risks your hiring process and delivers industry leading new employee retention rates.

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Providing insights that go way beyond a cv and job description word match. Industry leading behavioural assessments are completed by clients for role definition and by candidates for suitability match. The reports provide an accurate indication of a person’s preferred behaviours and helps you decide if they suit the definition of the job. In addition, candidates written responses to role specific questions, video introductions and key competency benchmarking enables us to make your people decisions more objective and increase your ability to define, assess and onboard the best candidate.

Detailed reporting on specific behavioral factors such as leadership requirements, motivating and team building, decision making and problem solving, leading change and where appropriate their client facing style are also provided. Our Job Fit Interview Guide provides a list of targeted, role-specific interviewing questions to draw examples from the candidate’s past experience, empowering managers to conduct better interviews.

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The experts at Real Talent Matters underpin our years of experience in the talent management and acquisition business with significant investment in relevant value-adding technology.

Our unique talent portal is a candidate delivery platform that provides our clients with real time powerful insight to shortlisted candidates. Embedded in the portal is a suite of behaviour and competence assessment tools along with video and interactive questionnaires – all of which are value added components that deliver rigour in candidate assessment and selection.

A technology platform that delivers efficient evaluation, assessment and presentation of candidates. The technology is specifically designed to enhance and digitize our tried and tested process but doesn’t replace the judgement, experience or expertise of our consultants.

Our Portal is globally accessible, confidential and a secure platform which enables data sharing in real time saving clients time and money. The Portal will also improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the recruitment and candidate engagement process.

The Portal can also be used by our clients as a stand alone tool for assessing internal and external talent across a variety of scenarios. This service can be tailored to compliment any in-house recruitment process or for example in times of company downsizing, internal promotion, succession planning or within an M&A process. Furthermore, our suite of assessments can be used in terms of Recruitment and Selection, Talent Retention / Development and Team Effectiveness areas.

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What is the true cost of a bad hire?

Have you ever calculated the true cost of a bad hire i.e. someone who leaves your business during their first year of employment? In most cases, the true cost is roughly 3.5 x their annual salary which, clearly has a negative impact on business. Our unique Bad Hire Calculator uses the latest data* and super clever algorithms to work out what the true cost is to you!

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